Here I will list the old stuff,  things happened in the past that I think are still worth checking. Could be a Kramer Nightswan lefty, Jackson San Dimas, Seymour Duncan EVH/'78....

TB-4  JB model, but in trembucker / F-spaced version,  Sold G.A. 11/11
PA TB-1 Parallel Axis, The original Trembucker,  Sold A.C. 23/11
SHR-1N Hot Rails neck version, Sold G.A. 11/11
STK-2 Hot Stack neck version,  Sold L.W. 9/11
Gibson Burstbucker  set #2 and #3,  Sold 29-11 
Vintage Rails, Classic Strat tone,no hum, Sold M.B. 06-12
Kramer Neck plate, Sold 7-12 A.J.
Seymour Duncan SH-4 , JB,  Sold J.D. 17-12
Dimarzio DP-197, Virtual PAF, Sold W.S. 22-12
DD-set , humbucker/single/single, sold M. 07-01
Dimarzio Paf Pro  Dp151, sold S. 06-01
EVH/'78  Custom Shop , arguable the best pickup ever made.  SOLD 11-01 A.W.
Unbucker 9 kOhm humbucker, sold
Paf Zebra, 8.61 kOhm humbucker,  sold 
Paf Black,  8,26 kOhm humbucker, sold to Germany, 20-02