The Kramer Charvel Jackson Museum

All from my personal collection, together with the gardening tools, my musical tools. For some reason my pink Baretta is not pink? This is just a small portion, more will follow.
These I gathered with much help over many years collecting. For more info on these bad boys just ask Remy

Kramer Baretta, 1985. The one and only

Kramer 650, Kramer 6000 Bass, Kramer Baretta.

Charvel Strathead, original, San Dimas #1996, made in 1983!

Kramer Paul Dean, restored #1021 made in Canada, 1986

Kramer Imperial , Bananahead, maple fretboard, 1985

Kramer Pacer Special, beakhead ca. 1983/1984

Kramer 650G, all original except tip of selector switch! 1981

Kramer Focus 2000, unscratched, made in 1985/1986

Charvel clone, lefty, baby blue, Dimarzios.

Kramer Enterprize, very rare 'bird'

Kramer FLAK-team and Security 


Kramer XKG, Aztec Nightswan, Liberty Cherry Burst, Condor and
Twisted Sister Come Out and Play fsactory custom.

Nightswan, Jersey Star and Baretta prototypes at plant in 2006.

Kramer/Musicyo Staff and visitors. Check my hands and the rack to the right!

Ferrington with autographs of Floyd Rose and Gary Kramer.