Frequently Asked Questions

Have not heard too many questions yet. So in short some background info on me.

I am a longtime guitarcollector, parts searcher and through many US contacts and experiences I found out there's space for a simple online site that's able to provide the European market with quality guitars and parts without the hassle of intercontinental purchasing.

The site is simple, so I can update it myself, and update it often with the newest stuff in. The site is Orange  because that's the color we like in Holland when watching the Football or our belvoed Queen Beatrix. Also it is recognizable obviously.

The fact all is in English is that most Europeans can use that language. However my native is Hollands, and my 3rd language is Deutsch.  Francais I am pretty well able to read and Espagnol-I have to ask around to translate that.

But, please inquire in the language what comes comfortable to you.

Payment is preferred through Paypal or Bankwire.  I ship within 24 hours after receiving payment, except on sundays.
I do ship worldwide after quotes, most European fees are listed already with the items for sale.

Please all other questions, contact me: Remy


              Thanks, merci, gracias und Vielen Dank,